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Water that


In mid-April, we were still going up the curve of exponential growth in the spread of COVID-19. Then, a pleasant surprise hit my inbox when I least expected it. A fellow artist nominated me to receive a modest financial gift from a local arts organization. As much as the income was welcome, there was also an opportunity to respond to the current moment in an artistic way.

It hit me that I wanted to share the teachings I’ve received on water. And, I wanted to share these teachings in a poetic way. What came to me is this poem – Water that.

On the good advice of a friend, I am making this poem available as an audio file. Shout outs to my family for their physically distant participation.

To engage the fluid in your eardrum, you can listen to the audio recording here.


This blog post is connected to my Spring 2020 newsletter, which was dedicated to the qualities of water. To get the full story, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

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