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I love stories.


I experience stories as sacred.


This July I’ll share some stories with you.

Hi, I’m Desmond A. Miller, the artist/researcher behind Aesthetics of the Archives, a free exhibition open to the public until August 23, 2020 at the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB), Canada.


My debut solo exhibition was “archived” for over 3 months this past spring. Necessary health precautions led to the AGB’s temporary closure. During that closure, I dreamt up ways to engage community outside of the physical gallery space.

Now, I’m happy to share a new series of online stories: Story Time – a behind-the-scenes look at my influences for making Aesthetics of the Archives.


I’ll release a new story each Tuesday during the month of July. You can find a sample of this story by following the AGB Instagram account @artgallburl. To hear the full story, visit my website


If you like stories, and you’re interested to learn more about this exhibition, I invite you to join me for Story Time.

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