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Quilting the African Disapora

March 14 - April 10, 2016

Featured in

the Nia Centre for the Arts

4th Annual Visual Arts Exhibition

Exposed: Solace





Cotton, denim, cotton/lyocell blend, cotton/spandex blend, rayon, synthetic blends

290cm x 220 cm


Re-interpreting various styles of quilting and patchwork from across the African Diaspora – Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada; Boykin, USA; Karnataka, India – Every/day proposes quilting as a process of meaning-making and memory, forms of self-care and self-love. This quilt references the creative, ingenious, resourceful, often unsung labour of Black women, inciting viewers to think of Blackness as deeply rooted in Canada and routed through the Diaspora. Multiple textures, colours, experiences, and silences are incorporated into a single object, thus documenting a particular moment – a memory – and resisting historical erasure of Black communities in Canada and across the world.

Desmond A. Miller is a recipient of the AlumNia Grant from the Nia Centre for the Arts

Exhibition assistance provided by The Ontario Arts Council


Workshop space provided by The Textile Museum of Canada

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